Once the card is delivered, a link to download the PDF becomes available above the card. You may click the link to download and print the PDF.

Please keep in mind our primary viewing is online, not via printing, and so the PDF is a lower resolution. Since we offer unlimited pages and signatures, a card can be upwards of 10-50 pages depending on the occasion. This makes it challenging and impractical to print for most. We format the PDF to be 2 card pages per PDF page because it makes the file size much smaller and easier to store as a digital keepsake.

If you'd like to preview the PDF, you may go directly to the card link and click the Preview Card button. This will show how the delivered card will appear to the recipient. Please note this view is only available to you as the card creator when you're logged into your account. Then click the PDF icon above the card image to download the PDF version.

Although printed cards have been the norm for decades, our main benefits over traditional paper cards are:
  • Germ-free cards - with heightened awareness around germs, you won't have to worry about passing a paper card amongst many people.
  • Convenience - you'll never have to go to the store to buy a card, or pass it around the office.
  • Inclusion - you can include remote employees and anyone can sign the card regardless of physical location.
  • Unlimited Pages - you get unlimited pages for signers and the additional space allows people to write more meaningful messages.
  • Eco-friendly - save trees by not using paper and we also donate a portion of every card purchase to plant trees around the world.
  • Price - costs less than most paper greeting cards at the store - also no dealing with stamps, postage, or envelopes!

To see an example of a complete card with the PDF link available, please see our Sample Card.