There are two ways you can send one card to multiple recipients:

Option #1 - You can create one card and send the card to yourself by inputting your email address for the recipient's email address. When you receive the card, you can forward the email or send the card link itself to multiple people. In this case, the card should be addressed to a group or multiple people, and you would be responsible for sending the link or card from your own email. 

Option #2 - You can create one card and then "clone" it by importing a list of recipients' names and email addresses. Our system will send each recipient a personalized email with a unique link to their card. Each card can be addressed to a specific person.

Option 2 is only available to our annual plan holders who purchase a minimum of 25 cards per year. Each cloned card will count as 1 card towards your annual allotment. To purchase a plan, visit our Pricing page.

Here's a video showing how to use the clone feature from start to finish: Video