GroupGreeting provides a modern approach to signing and sending a traditional greeting card from a group. No more passing around a small paper card with so little room to write!  Our service allows you to create a digital card and add unlimited photos and meaningful messages from friends and colleagues around the world.   

Here is some information on how to get started and how our service works:

  1. Create a card - After registering, click on an occasion to get to the card catalog. Select a card cover or use a custom cover image by clicking the UPLOAD YOUR OWN card.

  2. Purchase the card - Please note you'll need to purchase one card at a time.

  3. Invite - After purchasing the card, you may invite others to sign by clicking the Invite button from the My Account page. Then copy the card link and send it to people via email, text, instant message, etc.

  4. Sign the card - Your friends/colleagues can add an unlimited number of messages and photos. Registration is not required of signers.

  5. Edit the card - As the card creator, you have the ability to move or delete any messages before the card is sent by clicking on the entry (make sure you're logged in first).

  6. Send the card - Our system will automatically email the card recipient at the delivery date and time you selected. Essentially the email will contain the URL link to the completed card and will come from "" The link will be accessible for one year from the delivery date.

  7. PDF download - A PDF link will become available above the card to download from the site after delivery. This PDF can be printed, but our cards are primarily intended for online viewing.

To see an example of a completed card and PDF, please click the link below:

Here's a short video on How to create a card