Plan holders with plans of 25 cards or more have the ability to add multiple users (up to 100) to share their plan. Each additional user will still have their own account login and password. You'll be able to view the cards they create, and you may set a cap on the number of cards per person. You may also remove them from your plan at any time.

To add an additional user:

  1. After logging into your account, go to the Subscription tab.

  2. Click My Team

  3. Click the Invite button and enter the names and email addresses of those who can share the plan. 

The invitees will receive an email from GroupGreeting, with a link to register for their own accounts (or to log in if they already have an account).

Once the invitees register or login using the link from the invite email, they will be part of the plan and can create cards immediately. Any cards they create will be deducted from your annual card allotment.