Email deliverability is very important to us, so we use a trusted email provider to ensure our emails get through. If the recipient's email address was entered correctly, then there are a few possibilities for why our GroupGreeting email may not have been received:

  1. Our email was quarantined by the receiving mail server;  
  2. Our email was filtered by the receiving mail server to a junk folder; or
  3. The recipient didn't recognize us as a trusted sender and deleted the email. 

The best way to resend the card is to email the recipient directly. You may forward the notification email we automatically sent to you at the same time we emailed the recipient, or you may simply copy and paste the card link in a new email. This way the recipient will recognize you as the sender and will be more likely to open the email. Essentially what we send the recipient is the card link as well, so opening the card on our site will be the same experience. 

To help future emails get through, we recommend letting your IT team know you are using our service for employee appreciation and request that they whitelist our domain "" and add to a safe senders list.